Roll On, 2022!

Do you make Near Year’s resolutions?

A few years ago, I enjoyed instilling more permanent changes month-on-month than doing a bunch of major changes at new year. But given the past few years has given us nothing but uncertainty and last minute life changes, having a chance to create some stability is a real treat. Nothing is more stable than a new year’s resolution the day before you have to start doing it.

So, I’ve set a few resolutions this year and all they all revolve around self-care. Not to do better than last year for productivity or finances, but to do better for myself. Here are this year’s resolutions:

  • Make time for exercise 3x a week
  • Make time for hobbies 3x a week
  • Read 1 hour a day

Not too few, not too many, and with no specific timing. We’ve all developed some bad habits while we’ve been locked inside, and they aren’t easily reversed. But I intend to deal with mine slowly but surely by keeping them flexible, ensuring they aren’t too difficult, and most importantly, making sure that I enjoy doing them.

New Year puts pressure on us to completely transform and become the best versions of ourselves instantly and permanently. In fact, it almost suggests we can never have a bad day again, and we are so motivated that on some level we believe it. It’s this hope that allows us to put unrealistic expectations on ourselves.

If nothing else this year, give yourself some resolutions that you can enjoy. At the end of the day, they are more likely to stick.

Happy New Year!



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