Sometimes supernatural mysteries need a shapeshifter's touch.

As a private investigator at one of London's only supernatural PI firms, Saeth Culver lives his dream every day. When witches, demons, and valkyries have nowhere to turn, Saeth takes up his talismans. Faced with the threats of nosy humans and vampires, sometimes it's all Saeth can do to escape in one piece. But the PI life is too good to have it any other way.


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"Harry Dresden has his werewolf friends, but Jim Butcher never really writes anything from their point of view. This author fills in that little gap with this collection of short stories about a shapeshifter PI. While I had suspicions about how useful that talent could be, this little anthology spells it out."

Adena Lee, Goodreads Reviewer

"Vox Saeth bears all the hallmarks of a future book worthy of TV or film adaptation; the main characters are familiar and live among us in a kind of parallel, unfamiliar world of shapeshifters, vampires and the like. Justice and the ever-popular concept of good v. evil is key to 'Saeth's evolving talent for hunting down the baddies and righting the wrongs that we can all readily associate with and just how that is achieved, is often clever, surprising and always interesting. Youthful perceptions and humour are welcome elements in a genre that can appear too dark and heavy in the wrong hands. A worthy read and I look forward to more from the supernatural sleuth in the years to come."

Alexa Gray, Goodreads Reviewer

"Vox Saeth: The Voice of Seven by Rosie Wylor-Owen is a wonderful story that I have read and fell in love with. I love reading about mysteries and fantasies and this story has both in this story. I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about fantasies and mysteries in their stories."

Scarolet Ellis, Goodreads Reviewer