Rowan McQuaid should be dead.

Valkyries don’t survive vampire bites. But after releasing a tomb full of rabid vampires, Rowan is still breathing. Her survival means one thing: somehow, she is immune.

When witches are slaughtered in their homes, Rowan discovers the vampires are hell-bent on killing the descendants of those who imprisoned them. And every drop of blood spilled is on her hands.

Forced to team up with the mysterious vampire Nate Hallewell, Rowan must find and stop the rogue vampires before they kill every witch in south east England.

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Bloodthirsty vampires are on the run in London.

Another tomb of vampires have escaped, killing the curse-breaker who opened it. Rowan McQuaid’s new mission: to catch the vampire responsible before he strikes again. As Rowan and the mysterious Nate Hallewell follow his trail of blood and destruction, they discover he answers to a more powerful threat.

A supernatural mastermind plots to destroy the entire magical community, and Rowan’s blood is the key to their success. Risking a lifetime of blood enslavement, Rowan must uncover the identity of this mastermind before they can use her to annihilate everyone she knows and loves.

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Humans are vanishing from London’s streets.

After the Vampire Embassy is disbanded by Nexus, the supernatural police force, Rowan McQuaid vows to catch the vampire who betrayed them. When humans start disappearing without a trace, Rowan suspects the traitor is making good on their promise to build a vampire army.

A trail of dead bodies and recently turned vampires leads Rowan, and her vampire beau, Nate Hallewell, to a terrifying truth. They must stop this renegade vampire before they annihilate not only London, but all of magical society.

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Vampires are vanishing and Nate Hallewell is next.

The biggest vampire attack in London’s history has destroyed relations between supernaturals and vampires. After Rowan discovers a failed plot to kidnap her vampire lover, Nate Hallewell, she vows to find and stop the abductors.

Vampires begin to disappear from their homes, forcing Rowan and Nate to team up with a sinister coven who possess dark secrets about Nate’s history. When their investigation unearths a horrifying conspiracy that threatens the free will of vampires everywhere, Rowan must risk her own freedom, or lose the man she loves.

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Magical war is brewing in London.

A vampire mind control serum has incited riots in Central London. As the supernatural police, Nexus, threaten to weaponise the serum, Rowan McQuaid vows to protect her vampire lover, Nate Hallewell, from their vindictive intentions.

After rumours of an entire coven developing vampire venom immunity surface, Rowan tracks them down, hoping to find an alternative to the barbaric serum.

With the Nexus elite hot on her heels, Rowan must discover a way to provide immunity to the supernatural community, before every vampire in Britain loses either their free will or their lives.

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The vampire purge has begun.

Vampires have fled the country to avoid execution under a monstrous new law. Separated from her lover, Rowan McQuaid is determined to expose the man responsible, Driscoll.

Using dark magic to reanimate and imprison his dead brother could spell the end of Driscoll’s rein. Rowan’s only hope is to track down a vampire with inside knowledge of his stronghold.

When Rowan’s efforts to ruin him are uncovered, it’s a race against time to end his tyranny before Driscoll destroys the man she loves.

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Nowhere but the shadows are safe.

In constant battle with her inner demons, Rowan McQuaid is on the run from a supernatural government that wishes to examine her. Her vampire lover, Nate Hallewell, will stop at nothing to protect her, even if it means putting their relationship on the line.

When a radical anti-vampire group creates a new supernatural super-race, Rowan finds herself - and her blood - in their crosshairs once more. In a quagmire of secrets and lies, Rowan must stop this new elite species before they cause a global apocalypse.

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