The Witch’s Touch

Criminals are going missing. Felons or not, Detective Meeks is duty-bound to find them, with little to go on but a suspicious encounter between the latest missing person and a local business owner. As the case unravels, Meeks struggles to make sense of a world he thought he understood. Yet this twist of fate could be his chance to truly making a difference to the community he holds dear.

Amanda Solanke is used to making waves, but never with the police. The last person to see the latest missing criminal, she is dragged to the heart of a police investigation. A small business owner in the eyes of the community, behind closed doors Amanda and her partner Leona guard a magical secret. The closer they are watched, the closer Amanda and Leona come to facing the ultimate danger: exposure.


"The Witch's Touch by Rosie Wylor-Owen is a wonderful story to read. This is a brand new author for me and is slowly becoming one of my favorites."

Goodreads Reviewer

"A fantastic blend of magic and justice! Wylor-Owen pens a suspenseful yet humorous occult urban fantasy tale. The plot line is well-paced, with plenty of surprises revealed in a laid-back, matter-of-fact style"

Jeannie Richards, IHIBRP book reviews

"What makes this a solid read is the fact it truly contains a nice twist by the end. I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy or a fresh change of pace from their genre"

J.E. Klimov, author and book blogger