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New Branding Ready For 2023!

I’ve wanted a new logo for a while now as the old one was great but didn’t correlate so well with my genre. Urban fantasy is my core genre, with romance as secondary. However, I wanted a logo that would incorporate them both in equal measure. They are, after all, the two primary pillars of my books.

This new branding will pave the way for new avenues, starting with merchandise. Starting small with bookmarks and business cards, at some point I plan to venture into mugs, coasters, and maybe even hoodies. The last one may be a little ambitious for a while yet, but wow, would I love to wear a hoodie with this logo on.

Right now, I have business cards, bookmarks, and postcards on the way an they will be included in any and all signed paperback packages. The postcards have come already and they’re gorgeous!

With the new logo and banners complete, I’ll begin updating the website to reflect the change-over soon. In the meantime, I am hammering out the plans for my next project and for my Patreon supporters, this means early access to chapters before Christmas.

I you haven’t joined my Patreon yet, jump on board and read all the new books before they’ve even released!


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