When Is The Next Book Coming?

With the release of Valkyrie Betrayed, I really thought I could relax for a bit. What a fool I was.

I am a little behind on writing the next book, Valkyrie Fallen, and a lot behind on writing book 6. My patrons on Patreon have already had a cheeky little title reveal of book 6. If you’d like to get all the updates and early reveals as they happen, pop on over to my Patreon!

When I’m writing, I don’t edit as I go along, because then I will never finish the book. This means I end up with hundreds of notes instructing me as to what to fix and why. So when I finish writing, edits take up a lot of time.

The pressure is on to get Valkyrie Fallen finished to give advanced readers time to read it before the release day on 5th May. It’s always a tight squeeze with every book, but because I worked on Blood & Shadows all of January, I had to divide my attention. So, I began Valkyrie Fallen on the back foot, and I’m scrambling to catch up.

Working to deadlines is difficult, and self-motivating even more so. But I enjoy the challenge, and wow do I love publishing these books.

The plan is to remove all distractions until I get this draft finished. TikTok is proving to be great for sales but terrible for productivity. It’s time to bust out the best productivity hacks and get this book finished!

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