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During January, I worked on a fairly low-key project that I’ve wanted to complete forever.

If you’ve read my The Rogue Valkyrie series, you’ll know that Rowan McQuaid, the valkyrie curse-breaker, is our main character. Her mysterious vampire love interest, Nathanial Hallewell, is (as readers call him) book boyfriend material. Yet, we don’t really get a good look at Nate’s past until Valkyrie Betrayedwhich releases on Wednesday!

Initially, I wanted to write a short story exposing a snippet of Nate’s past. This rapidly grew into a full-blown novella. In fact, I should count my lucky stars that it didn’t end up as an entire novel when I consider how much the story carried me away.

Cue Blood & Shadowsa Nate-centric novella which explores what Nate was up to in 1893 in London.

Look out for some Easter eggs in both Blood & Shadows and Valkyrie Unleashed as the two are tentatively connected.

I had lots of fun writing this story and as its from Nate’s perspective, I hope it gives a better look into who he is as a person.

Blood & Shadows is available completely free to anyone who signs up to my newsletter, so make sure you grab your copy at this link. I really hope you enjoy it!

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