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Another Awkward Millennial On TikTok

Did your New Year’s Resolutions go as planned this month?

I have a confession to make. I actually didn’t really start my resolutions until about a week ago.

In hindsight, January is the worst month to try and chance your lifestyle. Right after a holiday dedicated explicitly to indulging and during the coldest months of the year. Who decided this was a good idea?

The good news is, starting these resolutions a little later has allowed me to settle back into my routine at home before making any lifestyle changes. The bad news is, one of those lifestyle changes was getting on TikTok properly for the first time.

I’m kidding, TikTok is awesome and I love it. As a 30 year old, I had some doubts about getting on this platform, but for the book recommendations alone, it’s amazing. I taught the algorithm to focus entirely on book-related things. No politics, no NFT pushers, and no cute pets. Yes, they are adorable, but they can easily add a good two hours to the time I spend scrolling through TikTok. Already if I go down a rabbit-hole of urban fantasy book recommendations, I’ve lost half my day.

There are probably corners of TikTok that aren’t as wholesome as the book community, but the part I have chosen to integrate into is a great place to socialise. Facebook has devolved into angry rantings about anything from town councils to cyclists, and the negativity is draining. Even after purging a bunch of groups and people at the end of 2021, it still struggles to generate good vibes.

Authors everywhere sing TikTok’s praises when it comes to book sales, so in the name of business I had to take a look. Who knew it would lead to an even bigger to-read pile?

I’m still new to TikTok and don’t have many videos yet, but feel free to follow me at: @rosiewylorowenauthor

See you there!



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