Scorpio’s Grace Birthday Sale!

Long story short, today is first day of my last year in my twenties. Let’s apply the decoder: it’s my birthday!

Here’s a story that often has people going “no way, really?” whenever I tell it. Me and my husband have exactly the same birthday. Same day, same month, same year. In fact, we’ve worked out that he’s little more than forty-five minutes older than I am. What a crazy coincidence, right?

In truth, it’s awesome to share our birthday. We eat twice as much cake, get twice as drunk and really splurge out on the presents because hey, this is only happening once a year. Year on year, it’s also turned into a competition as to who can buy who the best presents and keep it a secret. I buy good stuff but my husband is a seasoned pro and I’m determined to best him one of these days!

To celebrate, I’m having a flash sale for the first novel in my debut series: Scorpio’s Grace.

“Dark and dangerous things are hidden in Freya Aldana’s past. After twelve years on the run, they are coming for her. A druid with coveted powers, Freya is wanted by the most influential power-trafficking mogul in the supernatural black market: Gregory Kander.

Accompanied by her old flame and two fellow escapees, Freya investigates Paris’ magic exclusion zones and London’s back streets to discover what Kander has planned for her. Her freedom at stake, she turns to the Goddess Scorpio to grant her the strength to defeat her enemies and protect her young daughter. However, Scorpio has greater gifts in mind for her steadfast loyalty.”

I’ve wanted to write Freya’s story for over a decade now and the fact it’s finally come to fruition is a beautiful thing. The sequel to this novel, Scorpio’s Virtue, is well underway and will be hitting the shelves in a couple of months. Plus, I literally received the book cover for Scorpio’s Virtue yesterday so prepare for some amazing artwork in a few weeks time!

Right now, Scorpio’s Grace has come down from its usual $2.99 to $0.99 to celebrate my birthday but don’t worry, this sale is going to stick for a few days until 16th May. We’re all busy people and sometimes a 24 hour window just isn’t enough. So, feel free to grab a discounted copy before the 17th May!

Have a great week and stay safe!

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