Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal of Scorpio’s Virtue!

Ta-da! The Scorpio’s Virtue cover reveal has arrived!

When the pandemic first hit and lock-down kept us stuck on our sofas, life changed overnight. Motivational posts flooded our social media feeds encouraging us to get productive.

TV and video games had a bigger appeal than doing work. For the first time in forever, we had all the time in the world to relax, so we did. We binge-watched, we played video games until they actually bored us. Sometimes, we did nothing for a day or two.

At least, that’s what I did!

After a month, all that time off got a bit dull. Cue the productivity wave I had waited for since lock-down began. (About time!) Let me tell you, so much work got done in this last few months and here are the end results:

I finished the first draft of Scorpio’s Virtue just today – it’s ready for a good, thorough editing. Plus, I can finally reveal the book cover for Scorpio’s Virtue!

Isn’t it beautiful?

Scorpio’s Virtue is book two in the Scorpio’s Grace Saga and marks the halfway point for the trilogy. In Scorpio’s Virtue, Freya struggles to understand how to use her new powers. Worse still, her enemy, Gregory Kander, is more determined than ever to capture her.

I loved writing this book and I’m even more excited to get editing – perfecting books is where I really get my kicks.

As ever, I have to thank my amazing cover artist, Kellie Arts, for creating this incredible book cover. This project is one step closer to release day!

I’m going to take the age-old author advice and leave draft one to rest for a little while. It’s always best to leave the first draft alone until you start editing it. This technique is invaluable and has really upped the quality of my writing in recent years. Fingers crossed this will do the same for Scorpio’s Virtue.

Keep your eyes peeled for a release day announcement and don’t forget to join my Facebook group and follow me on Twitter for all the updates!

1 thought on “Cover Reveal of Scorpio’s Virtue!”

  1. Excellent news! Well done for smashing out the draft during these weird times, your determination knows no bounds.
    The cover looks amazing and I’m eager to find out what happens next to Feya. I tried to leave feed back on kindle but it kept failing.

    What I wanted to say was the first book was captivating from the start. You get invested in the character and you maintained the tempo throughout- 4 stars, from a difficult to please reader.

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