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Valkyrie Cursed – Coming 30th June 2021

Thank you for your patience with my website updates!

The last year or so has been incredibly challenging thanks to the pandemic, but 2021 has really turned things around on the author front. As of December 7th, I’m a full-time author trying to make a go of it with my books, and to achieve this, I’ve started a brand new series.

The Rogue Valkyrie Series is an urban fantasy romance featuring protagonist Rowan McQuaid. Losing her curse-breaker licence thanks to workplace politics forces Rowan to take some illegal curse-breaking jobs to make ends meet. Which includes breaking into a tomb full of vengeful vampires. What Rowan doesn’t know is that opening this tomb set in motion a series of events that could end in the destruction of an entire species.

Valkyrie Cursed is the first book in The Rogue Valkyrie Series, which hits the shelves on 30th June 2021. I couldn’t be more excited!

This series will be nine books long and follows Rowan on a long, action-packed adventure to stop the destruction of the vampire race. I will publish the first three books this year, and at least another three in 2022. Although, with any luck, I might squeeze a fourth into next year!

My goal is to make sure that nobody has to wait too long for a sequel. All being well, this series will conclude by 2023.

I’m really excited to launch this series, and frankly, June 30th can’t come soon enough. But in order to meet my release goals, preparation time is essential. The entire series will be available in e-book and paperback format. Fingers crossed, audiobooks are also on the horizon in the future.

While we wait for release day, here is the book cover for Valkyrie Cursed, courtesy of Covers By Christian.

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